We have a wide ranges of services from cartoons to Web Design...


Our chief artist has been drawing cartoons and illustrations for 20 years from gag cartoons to full colour illustrations. Jason Whatever has a versatile style that will suit any purpose whether your requirement is for a simple black and white cartoon or a full colour illustration.

Character Design


Cartoon Illustration

Slightly different to designing a cartoon, the aim of an illustration is to illustrate a point, story, article or presentation. Our style can vary to suit any subject matter.

Web Design


Web Graphics

We design complete sites from links to animated graphics but then if you already have a site, then we also design logos, buttons, icons, and banners.


We use Actinic, an ecommerce interface, to create the majority of our online shop designs as this gives you control of pricing, downloading orders, adding new products all to a professional template.

Graphic Design

When it comes to your companies image then sometimes keeping it simple and to the point is all you need, no flashing, whistling or bells ringing. With this in mind Whatever Enterprises create graphics to be simple and functional