Portfolio - Character Design

Our Character Design service can be used to create characters for promotional, marketing, newsletters, logos and Cards - whatever your requirement our cartoonist can create a character...

Cartoon Charaacters - Santa


The character concept here was to have Santa in Father Christmas mode and has a young skater type .

You can have lots of fun with clowns - these were ideas for bookmarks.
Cowboy and Indians Cowboys and Indians
Character Concepts for a wild west theme park.
Flying Man Flying Man
Come come fly away...
Mother Nature Mother Nature
Character concept for illustration idea.
Woofgang and Barker
2 character concepts which became the faces for the environmental department of a local council.
2 Dogs

Jake and Finnegan
2 chearcter concepts for a friends 2 dogs.

Dumb Ass Dumb Ass
Well this idea says it all!
Character Concepts to display numbers in a more amusing way.